9 Coolest Kid Nail Designs

9 Coolest Kid Nail Designs


Don’t we sometimes want to serve our souls with a kid nail designs? This idea could remind us of those days where everything seems happier when we are not in the good mood now. Therefore, it will bring our mood upside downside into a brighter vibrant. Doing some stupid, playful but responsibly in our nail is necessary and proportional. A Rainbow and Cloud Nail Art is a sweet design with some sculpture ornament. The idea is to polish the pin with the light blue colors, and while it finished – we could add the next top ornamentation with white to draw a shape of a cloud. The next line up of colors that we need is the rainbow colors, and surely it consist of red, green, yellow, dark blue and purple.

The important thing when drawing any shape in our finger nails is that we need to be very precise to finish a sharp design. The next simple example for us to have is the Penguin Nails where we need only to have two colors that are black and white and a little touch of orange. Layering the nail with dark colors then put the white within half of the nail size then draw the penguin with white and black in the circle is the first stages. The second stages will need to add the orange as the mouth is a simple step to perform it well.

Some kid nail designs that has easy clue and ideas to capture the best nail design would be the Jean and Zipper, which is a trendy theme but still touch the Fashionable design. It reminds us on wearing our first Jeans when we were kids in those early old days. A Glitter Zipper Art is the easy one to have since it will only take two colors, and they are Gold and old blue colors with a glitter.

The polka dots is one of the coolest, and simplest of kid nail designs and the great news is that the polish that cost only $18.00. In every case, the kids theme for nail tends to have lower prices that are a good thing to know. For instance, the 24 pack mix of match flower false nails cost $6 but could get many intriguing and trendy theme and motive. The price is also similar to the 24 Pack of Gold Glitter Anchor False Nail which offer diverse shape of the design.

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