CND Shellac Nail Polish Application

CND Shellac Nail Polish Application


CND Shellac nail polish is known as one of nail treatment that is able to last in one month fully without any damage. Hence, your nails will keep shining with the color applied by Shellac. CND stands for Creative Nail Design which is manufactured by Shellac. Shellac offers more than 80 variations of gel nails that will be women’s pleasure. You can choose your favorite color to apply. It is known that gel nail is the one that become people’s favorite in coloring the nails. It is because gel nail color provides stunning colors and it may last for long time application.

However, if you want to apply the nails with CND Shellac nail polish, you cannot just apply it off. You need to see the condition of your nails first. Gel nails from Shellac require your nails healthy. Hence, you need to cure the nails to be good again before you go applying the gel nails. When they are all fixed, then you can start to apply your gel nails from Shellac. The benefit by using this is it can last for longer time than the other ones. Hence, you can stay with your favorite color on the nails until one month.

When you already apply gel nails from Shellac, you need to have a treatment for your nails. Like when your nails start to grow, you need to make them up. Also, you have to apply cuticle oil to keep the nails shining well. This treatment should be done every two days, so that the color can always be good looking and healthy. Then, if you want to remove the gel nails, you need to remove it by a professional’s hands as you cannot have it by nail remover. Thus, CND Shellac nail polish makes your nails have stunning colors for long time.

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