No Light Gel Nail Polish Pros and Cons

No light gel nail polish may be more efficient in the use as you do not have to dry your nails under the UV light. It is known that nail box with LED light is needed after you apply the nail polish to your nails. It is used to perfect the application of the nail polish so that it can stay longer. Moreover, drying the nails under the UV light makes the nail polish cannot be easily damaged. Hence, it can keep the quality until the promised time. However, there are some brands of nail polish that don’t require UV light at all.

Those brands want to make their customers feel easy when they apply the nail polish at home. However, there still pros and cons about the use of nail polish without any UV light. It is clearly more efficient in the practice as after you apply no light gel nail polish, you don’t have to put your fingers under the lights. You can just stay calm for two or 5 minutes without any movement at all and it will dry by itself. After that, you can just cover your nails with top coat to make the look more beautiful and stunning to see.

However, there is still a weakness in applying gel nail polish without any UV light touch. It will effect to the color of the nail. The result is not as the same as when you have it under the light. The color may be stunning, but it cannot it glowing so well. On the other hand, it will take a risk of any damage as it can’t stand for long time. In addition, it is more risky to split or chip the nail polish. As a result, there always good and bad side by using no light gel nail polish, but it depends on you to use it.

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